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Quickly and easily assemble a team of top-quality virtual assistants who will do your “dirty work” for you and give you the time and freedom to grow your profits...

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Are You Overwhelmed by the Thought of Finding, Hiring, and Training VAs Who Will Turn Your Business Into a Highly Profitable Machine?

Find Out How to Quickly and Easily Assemble a Dedicated Team of Outsourced Professionals Who Will Do Your "Dirty Work" FOR YOU… and Give YOU the Time and Freedom to Grow Your Profits!

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Exclusive One-Time Deal

Because you're serious about your success, and because I want you to achieve the best results possible when hiring your VA, I want to tell you about a resource that can make outsourcing even more effective and profitable, and that can truly revolutionize your business. It's called Outsource Profit Machine 2.0… and my friend, it's a real game changer!

As my way of saying “thank you” for purchasing 24-Hour Productive Special Reports & Templates, I’m going to make you a special, one-time deal that you’re not going to want to miss.

The advanced, insider training I’m about to show you would normally sell for much more… but if you decide to take advantage of the Outsource Profit Machine 2.0 right now, I’ll let you in for the deeply discounted price of just two payments of $97!


If You're Going to Build a Truly Successful Business…

And finally enjoy the "freedom lifestyle" you envisioned when you started out on your own, you're going to need a team of loyal, talented experts who are committed to your success and who can expertly handle day to day tasks without you having to watch their every move!

But most business owners aren't so lucky!

I know first-hand what it's like to try to navigate the minefield of outsourcing. I've experienced the frustrations and have suffered the setbacks that come with hiring "duds" who are more interested in soaking your profits than in helping you succeed!

Tell me if you've had to deal with any of these frustrations that I've personally experienced:

  • You’ve had to constantly email and instant message your VA in an effort to keep a project on track… only to have work turned in embarrassingly late (or not at all).
  • You’ve had to resort to daily conference calls just to keep tabs on what your VAs are doing (which wastes your time and keeps you from the important, profit-generating tasks you should be taking care of).
  • You’ve been overcharged by VAs who claim to have their “noses to the grindstone,” only to receive half-baked work that looks like it was thrown together by a three-year-old.
  • You’ve had to sink even more of your profits into finding and hiring new outsourcers to fix work that an “expert” VA botched.
  • You’ve had to delay projects and product launches because you relied on VAs who disappeared… never to be heard from again!

That's Why It's Critical That You Have a System in Place…

A blueprint that will show you exactly what you need to do to find those "diamonds in the rough," get them up to speed quickly, and keep them working hard for your business so you can do what you're best at – generating profits!

How would it make you feel if you could wake up knowing that your business was running like a well-oiled machine… that your team was taking care of routine tasks behind the scenes so that you could focus on seizing money-making opportunities… that you could finally step away from the grind of spending countless hours on unprofitable tasks?

I'll bet it would feel pretty darned good. It sure did for me, anyway!

Most business owners I know are terrified by the prospect of leaving for vacation… or even taking a day off, for that matter. It's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your business can't survive without you for even a few hours.


But Imagine Being Able to Spend a Week or Two Getting Some Well-Deserved Rest and Relaxation

On the beach, aboard a luxury cruise ship, or lounging poolside at a posh resort. You dig your toes in the sand and sip a cocktail while you watch a spectacular sunset, and your cares seem to drift a thousand miles away.

Your smartphone and your laptop are safely tucked away in your suite, because… well, you don't need to check in with your team every five minutes. And when you come back refreshed and rejuvenated… you jump right into finding new, innovative ways to grow your business, because there are no fires to put out or crazy emergencies to stress you out!

That's exactly the life I want you to have… because when you have the time to decompress and step away from your business… you have the clarity to make incredible things happen when you come back! (Believe me, I've taken more than a few "working vacations"… and I'll take true relaxation over that kind of nonsense all day long!

Like I said before, having that kind of freedom all comes down to having the right systems in place. It's not about "reinventing the wheel"… but rather, tapping into well-tested, expert strategies to make your business work for you even when you're taking time for yourself!

Let Me Tell You What You’ll Get When You Take Advantage of the Enormous Power of Outsource Profit Machine 2.0 Today!

I've designed the entire Outsource Profit Machine system to be jam-packed with strategies and insights you can instantly use to create a profitable, hands-off business… without having to attend expensive, time-consuming in-person seminars or workshops.

All of the training modules, swipe files, transcripts, and other valuable tools are instantly downloadable… so you won't have to waste a single minute of your time mining for the exact information you need to take your business to the next level!

You’ll Get:

  • 14 Hours of Uncut Footage From TWO Closed-Door Workshops

    You’ll get 14 hours of professionally produced, information-packed, closed-door video training sessions that will give you the leverage to build a rock-star team… even if you’ve failed at hiring exceptional VAs in the past!

  • PDF Transcripts

    You’ll get complete PDF transcripts of all of the training modules for easy reference, so that you’ll never be at a loss when hiring and working with outsourced talent!

  • LOADS of Swipe Files

    You’ll get LOADS of swipe files to streamline the process of finding and hiring awesome VAs, including job ads, position descriptions, interview questions, questionnaires, and much more!

  • VA Training Videos

    You’ll get expert training videos you can use to bring your team up to speed quickly (if you prefer to record your own videos, you can use these as models for your own training sessions)!

  • MP3 Recordings (Normal and 2x Speed)

    You’ll get MP3 recordings packed with exclusive information and tips to help you build your team (and your business) even faster!

  • Outsourcing Workbook

    You’ll get the exact workbook (in PDF format) provided to all of the workshop attendees!

  • And Much, MUCH More!

PLUS, you’ll get access to exclusive information and techniques to make your team even stronger, like...

  • The 3Lancer Technique

    Which can dramatically improve your hiring success rate and minimize wasted outsourcing dollars!

  • The SS Method

    Which can speed up the process of filtering through applicants and help you find the absolute best VAs quickly and easily!

  • The Core Vs Mechanics Framework

    Which includes proven strategies for identifying the tasks that you should NEVER, EVER outsource if you want to make your business as powerful and profitable as possible! (Ignore this at your own peril!)

  • The Best Outsourcing Tools & Services

    How to identify the best software and tools to maximize the efficiency of your team, so that you can spend less time managing and more time innovating!

How is Outsource Profit Machine 2.0 Different from Anything You've Tried Before?

I'm not interested in telling you what you already know, or in filling your head with a bunch of meaningless fluff that just doesn't work in the real world. No… I'm interested in tackling the hard questions… the ones that visionaries like you and me face every single day.

Questions Like:

How do you know you're choosing the right outsourcer on Elance (or any other freelancing site, for that matter?)

How can you be sure you're working with a dedicated professional instead of someone who just wants to make a few extra dollars and doesn't truly care about your business?

How do you keep track of your VAs' activities without checking in with them night and day?

Understanding and using the right strategies will let you get a good night's sleep, instead of spending the wee hours worrying about your business!

Where can you find top-notch, long-term talent?

When Elance, oDesk, and the other typical sources just don't have what you need?

What tasks should you outsource first?

To give you the greatest leverage to free up your time to innovate and grow your business?

What are the critical things you must do when you hire a new team member?

To prevent mistakes, delays, and miscommunications down the road? (Take care of these tasks on Day One, and you can save yourself a TON of money and headaches!)

How much should you pay your outsourced talent?

(Pay too little, and you might end up with dismal results. Pay too much, and you'll needlessly cut into your profits!)

How do you grow and manage large teams to keep up with your needs as your business grows?

(Learn these insider techniques before you need them, and you'll benefit from a stress-free business down the road!)

How do you get your team members to communicate with each other?

So that you don't have to spend endless hours repeating yourself and forwarding emails?

Today… You’re Getting an Even Better Deal

When we originally released this information on DVD, the price tag was $1,500.

But we wanted to make it more affordable for people like you who are putting their lives into their businesses… so we made it available on our website for a drastically reduced price of $397.

But today, you're getting an even better deal.

I’m giving you BOTH FULL WORKSHOPS, along will all of the bonus materials (and even a few extras I haven’t mentioned here), for just two payments of $97!

For a fraction of the price of an in-person seminar, you’ll get everything you need to have an army of dedicated virtual team members at your disposal… working seamlessly in the background to build your empire for you!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get in My Exclusive, Closed-Door, Expert-Level Training

I'm giving you two complete workshops in one incredible package. These workshops are carefully designed to drastically shorten the learning curve and give you the power to start building your dynamic, talented team today!

Once you download Outsource Profit Machine 2.0, I recommend that you follow these training modules in order – this will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and make building your business as easy as possible!

Workshop 1

  • 1

    Geo-arbitrage Session (17:49)

    Gives you everything you need to know about geo-arbitrage. You’ll find out how to use this strategy to explode your business and eliminate nearly 100% of the headaches that most entrepreneurs deal with every single day.

  • 2

    Out-tasking Session (59:42)

    Shows you the little-known strategy of out-tasking. Most business owners don’t understand the distinctions between out-tasking, outsourcing, and insourcing… and it can cost them unbelievable sales and profits.

  • 3

    Insourcing Session (57:29)

    Explains insourcing in full detail. You’ll find out how to use the "George Foreman Method" that will help you attract top-tier talent and potentially save you thousands of dollars that most entrepreneurs waste on "mis-hires!"

  • 4

    Team Induction Session (1:15:36)

    Gives you the insider scoop on "team induction." You’ll find out exactly how to set new member expectations and introduce team members to the software, tools, and systems they need to make your business a success!

  • 5

    Tools of the Trade Session (52:41)

    Shows you the "tools of the trade" – the management strategies and tools you need to ensure that your VAs and other outsourcers perform at their peak levels.

  • 6

    Effective Management Session (26:29)

    Gives you the effective, cutting-edge management tools that the pros use to manage, communicate with, and train virtual teams – even if you need dozens of people to effectively run your business!

  • 7

    System Design Session (1:07:21)

    Shows you exactly how to create and implement your own business systems, so that you can be sure your VAs are working for you as efficiently as possible. This module is essential if you want to spend your time creating opportunities and working on your business… instead of being stuck in the trenches dealing with "rinse and repeat" tasks that your VAs should be handling for you!

  • 8

    Getting Started Session (48:40)

    Puts all of these techniques and strategies together and gives you a "springboard" to get your team up and running as fast as possible. Don’t risk getting "stuck" before you even start – this module will make it simple for you to launch your team and accelerate your success!

Workshop 2

  • 1

    Stages of Entrepreneurship Session (38:18)

    Walks you through the Four Stages of Entrepreneurship. In this module, Dave Jenyns shows you how each of these four stages shape your business, and tells you exactly which types of tasks you need to outsource during each stage to optimize the success of your business.

  • 2

    Types of Virtual Assistants Session (35:03)

    Gives you everything you need to know about the different types of VAs you’ll need as your business grows. Chris Ducker, founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live2Sell Group, provides expert advice to keep you from hiring the wrong professional for the job.

  • 3

    OPM 2 Session (58:54)

    Is an in-depth analysis of "Outsourcing 2.0." You’ll find out from Dave exactly what’s working now and avoid using outdated techniques that can prevent you from building your dream team.

  • 4

    Swipe-and-Deploy Templates Session (33:53)

    Provides you with time-saving, highly valuable "swipe and deploy files." Pete Williams will open up his personal file of templates you can quickly use and customize to find and train the right candidate for the job. Job advertisements, questionnaires, and more will take the stress out of hiring the perfect VA!

  • 5

    Virtual Teams Session (50:36)

    Is our Virtual Teams seminar provided by Jen Sheahan, one of the original workshop participants. You’ll witness a real life case study as Jen recounts in detail her struggles, obstacles, and successes as she built her massive, highly successful business.

  • 6

    Tools and Tactics Session (29:54)

    Is Pete’s second seminar of the workshop, and focuses on the tools and tactic that are working right now to attract talented, enthusiastic team members. He’ll show you exactly what he is using now to optimize profits, output, and productivity.

  • 7

    Understanding Filipino Culture Session (34:00)

    Is a special seminar focusing on Understanding Filipino Culture. Chris Ducker gives you the insights and information you need to attract and work with Filipino team members, including the culture, management style, communication influences, and personalities of these highly talented professionals. You won’t want to hire a Filipino VA until you see this valuable seminar.

  • 8

    Team Visit Session (37:11)

    Provides you with the information you need when meeting with your VA team face-to-face. You might be comfortable with interacting with your team in a virtual environment, but you won’t want to miss Dave’s insider tips on getting the most from a team visit when the time is right.

  • 9

    Types of Virtual Assistants Session (35:03)

    Gives you everything you need to know about the different types of VAs you’ll need as your business grows. Chris Ducker, founder and CEO of Virtual Staff Finder and the Live2Sell Group, provides expert advice to keep you from hiring the wrong professional for the job.

In all, you’ll get 14 hours of intensive, high-impact video training… PLUS all the workbooks, swipe files, transcripts, and much more to help you assemble a trustworthy team that will take your business to new heights!



I don’t want to leave you with any hint of doubt that Outsource Profit Machine 2.0 is the one system that will change your business and your life!

So if, within 30 days after you take advantage of this offer, you’re not totally and completely thrilled with the training, tools, and insider resources you’ve received… just shoot me an email and I’ll promptly refund every penny of your purchase price.

That’s right… I’m so sure you’ll love Outsource Profit Machine 2.0 that I’m willing to take all the risk!

Not only that, but if you make a good faith effort to use the information and strategies you’ll find in our insider training for 12 months, and you don’t make back at least 10 times what you’ve invested in the course…

I’ll personally refund your purchase price! It sounds crazy, but I’m willing to do that to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with your purchase today!

See you inside!

What will it cost you per day to continue slogging through mundane tasks on your own?

When you’re buried in the details, you’re missing out on massive money-making opportunities… and I’m willing to bet the profits you’d lose amount to many times what you’ll pay for this course!

The deal you’re about to take advantage of is only available on this page.

If you wait until tomorrow, or even later today, you’ll have to pay the full price of $397 to get your hands on this intensive, life-changing training. Click the button on the right and lock in your savings while you still can!


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