Who Else Wants to Build an Outsourcing Team But Is Having Trouble Getting Started? Watch This.

Let Pete and Dave help you recruit, induct and train your new (or current) outsourcing team with their Outsourcing Done With You (ODWY) Mastermind.

To recap the video above, here’s what you get:

  • Pre-screened possible team member candidates. We’ll help you find your first ‘A’ player using our famous “George Foreman Method” of hiring. If you already have a team member, no worries, they can join in too.
  • We’ll help induct and train your team member over a 12-week period – this is the same procedure we take all of our new team members through. They’ll learn everything from submitting end-of-day emails to filling out timesheets.
  • Gain lifetime access to our new Work Wiki. This was perhaps the most requested addition to the original Outsource Profit Machine training – *ready to use systems.*
  • Unlimited email and Skype support with Pete and Dave’s team during the program. Let our team support your team.
  • 2 mastermind calls per month with Pete, Dave, and 6 other mastermind members.

Questions answered.

How long does the program last?

3 months and lifetime access to the growing Work Wiki (we’re revamping and updating it again for Version 3).

What’s the investment?

$1950 per month for 3 months.

How many spots are there?

This 3rd intake is limited to 4 people. And with the waiting list from the 2nd group and the new OPM2.0 buyers, these spots will fill up quickly.


Want just a little more proof?

Here’s what the previous Mastermind members had to say…

“This is so much more than simply getting help to bring on an extra team member. By working with Dave and Pete, you’re taking your business to a whole new level…If I had held on to my pennies and not invested in Dave and Pete’s Outsourcing Done With You training, I dare say I’d still be banging my head against a wall trying to sell to a market that I had no affinity for and settling for CPA and affiliate crumbs.”
Angelo Ioanides, Double Your Diners

“It was well structured from the start. I found that the Mastermind calls every two weeks were a really nice focal point… For those people who haven’t got a lot of background and experience in this, I would suggest that if you wanted to get started with a well grounded path or way forward, then [Dave] and Pete’s material would be well worth looking at.”
Allan Fowler, TrainEasy

“I’d highly recommend it to anybody who was thinking about doing it. There is far more than just getting a VA hired for you. It’s encompassing all their training, getting them up to scratch, working on your business, your business systems, how you can implement things and how to get the most out of your VA and of your own time.It over-delivers—that is the best way to describe it. It just really over-delivers on what you think you’re getting into and then there is just so much more that comes out of it.”
Shane Walker, RapidSEOExpert.com.au

“Now I have time to be strategic. So I’ve got [my VA] doing most of my grunt work, my daily work, my chores, my tasks. I’ve got time to sit back and sit above it and look at this and say, where do I want to go with this? What do I want? [Pete and Dave] helped me do that too. [They’ve] forced me in that direction too to say, ‘Let’s take a look at this. Let’s look at the big picture. Let’s plan this thing out. Let’s see where you want to go and build these pieces and let’s go from there.”
Tim Warren, GreatMarketingStuff.com


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