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We have some exciting news for 100 Fast-Moving OPM Members!
As well as putting together all of the material inside OPM,
Pete (together with our digital media producer Dom Goucher)
have been hard at work on an “Inner Circle”
where you can get even MORE access to Pete and Dom,
and our wealth of knowledge and experience.

No, Thanks. Take Me to the OPM Dashboard!

They’ve created Preneur Platinum as a Private Members’ Area
where you get to go behind the scenes
and become part of their Inner Circle, with regular updates on their projects.
Plus, you get regular, exclusive opportunities
to ask them any question you like about business and marketing.



As an OPM member, you’ve already had lots of opportunity to grow your profits using the tricks and tips that Pete and Dave put in the program, however:

  • Maybe you’ve consumed and applied everything and want to take your business to the next level
  • Or maybe you’ve implemented some of their strategies, but you’d like a little more help getting things working for your specific situation
  • Or perhaps you made a great start, but now you need a little direction to help you keep up the momentum
Where ever you are in the growth of your business and your profits,
Pete and Dom created Preneur Platinum as the place for you!




Preneur Platinum

Preneur Platinum is designed for high-performing business owners only.

It’s an opportunity to be trained, coached, and held accountable within a private club of other skilled and successful businesspeople – the advisory board.

Members of Preneur Platinum cover a gamut of industries – from service providers and consultants, to construction, tourism and technology.

What we all share is determination to grow our business, increase sales, and drive profits higher.



Why Was Preneur
Platinum Created?

We created Preneur Platinum because there were two things that frustrated me:

1. Selfishly, I got frustrated with newbies.

For a long time, I was running coaching calls for $890+ per hour. Anyone could get on one of these calls and ask me questions. But most calls were the same – people with no track record who were just starting out, asking: “My business does X. How do I grow it and make it profitable?”

So for most calls, I would end up saying the same thing… over, and over, and over, and over.

And then I’d meet those people in-person at events – and few ever acted on any of the advice or plans I provided.

The calls started to suck my energy – whereas, calls with high-calibre business owners energised me, challenged me in different ways, and kept me sharp.

Because of that, I decided to surround myself with better people.

2. I think there is a lack of business coaching programs that represent value for time and money, have credibility and are aimed at non-newbies.

Most coaches have never run a 7 or 8-figure business – their knowledge comes from books and well-meaning theory, instead of the more practical school of hard-knocks.

They charge thousands per month, and put successful business owners in groups with newbies just starting out. And instead of actually growing their businesses, the successful business owners end up moving forward at “newbie speed”.

That’s why I created the Preneur Platinum Advisory Board.

And that’s why Preneur Platinum is strictly by invitation-only – meaning, the only way you get in is if you’ve been handpicked and personally invited.

The Core Structure
Behind Preneur Platinum

Preneur Platinum is designed around the 7 Levers – the seven fundamentals of business growth:

  • Traffic
  • Opt-ins
  • Conversions
  • Items Per Sale
  • Average Item Value
  • Transactions Per Customer
  • Profit Margin

For two weeks at a time, all Preneur Platinum members focus on applying one of the 7 Levers to grow their business. One fortnight, the group focuses on Traffic. The next it’s Opt-ins. After that, Conversions… and so on.

For those two weeks, that one lever is your singular growth focus.

Got an idea for improving opt-ins during the “Average Item Value” fortnight? That’s good, write it down and come back to it during the “Opt-ins” fortnight. Focus is the key.

Group Strategy

group-strategyTo help keep your on track, every second Friday morning (Australian Time), we come together for a scheduled coaching call.

The calls begin with a brief training session, designed to help you get even better results.

That is followed by an in-depth question and answer session – where you get to work through any questions, concerns or frustrations directly with me (Pete Williams), with my tech genius Dom Goucher on-call for any tech questions.

You can attend the calls online or via phone – however, I recommend joining online as we often critique marketing over video.

If you can’t attend a Friday call – no problems. Email your questions through, we’ll cover them on the call. You can then download the video from the private members’ library to hear the answers.

You can also access all previous calls via the members’ library – so if there is some training you missed or want to revisit, you can always find it inside the members’ library.

As for the length of the calls – depending on the week, a call could include 8-15 questions. It’s enough to get valuable insights from questions by other members, while ensuring the calls never drag on too long.

Preneur Platinum
Resource Library

Top-performing athletes and top-performing business people understand the power of focus.

For example – how much weight do you think a Tour de France cyclist can bench-press? The answer is “not very much”. They don’t waste their time building upper-body strength unnecessarily. It would just bulk them up, slow them down, and distract from more important training.

To ride at that elite level, you need focus.

The same is true in business.

Too many business owners get distracted by “bright shiny ideas” and “next big things”, and “really important training”. And pretty soon, they’re slowed down by the weight of all of these distractions.

That’s why I’ve compiled the Preneur Platinum Training Library.

Forget about paying for other info products, trainings, seminars, webinars and distractions. Your focus is the 7 Levers – and I’ve sourced and licensed the best training resources to support you.

The library continues to grow monthly, and currently includes:

7-levers7 Levers (RRP $197)

Over 4 hours of practical in-depth video, audio and PDF training, detailing how to apply the 7 Levers to your business.

If you are not getting the success (profits) you know is possible in your business, the 7 Levers Home Study Course will provide you with a structured (and proven) framework you can focus your efforts towards when working ON your business, resulting in increased profits.

videohacksVideoHacks (RRP $97)

Taken from my the largest and most in-depth training we’ve ever produced that sold for over $1000, this course covers everything you need to know about creating video for your business and/or website.

Whether you want to record face-to-camera or screencast, the exact processes we use in all our projects are detailed here, including what tech to purchase and what to avoid.


Going Analogue (RRP $187)

Not all offline marketing techniques are created equal. This course includes 23 sessions of super effective offline marketing techniques designed to generate new business quickly and easily.



Small Biz Internet Marketing (RRP $197)

How to set up an automated lead machine for your small business, leveraging the power of the internet and several online tools that do the “heavy lifting” for you.



publicity-essentialsPublicity Essentials (Never-Before Released, RRP $297)

The power of publicity isn’t just that it gets your business seen for free – it’s that it leverages the reputation of media channels to create instant trust and engagement with your brand. That makes publicity an incredible selling tool.


magcastMagcast Challenge (RRP $72)

One of the fastest-growing “green fields” marketing opportunity online is magcasting – digital magazines delivered straight to smartphones. As traditional media shrinks, small players are carving out market share in this rapidly growing digital space.



Preneur Platinum

retreatsIn addition to this, being in the club also gives you special access to optional private retreats – an opportunity to network with other high-performing members in an informal setting, and engage in intensive in-person training.

These events are optional, involve a modest investment to attend, and involve members from all over the world.

Upcoming Retreats:
Melbourne {Date TBA}
Los Angles {Date TBA}



Putting It All

With a clear plan of action, regular support and accountability to help you stay on track, training resources to cover any knowledge gaps, and a support network of colleagues who are all facing similar business challenges – you’ll be on track to achieve your best year in business yet.

The one missing ingredient is your own sweat.

I want members who are willing to make a 12-month commitment to themselves and their business. It’s going to be hard work. I’m going to make you sweat – and you’re going to make your business sweat. And in return, your business is going to run better this year than it ever has.

This commitment of time should be taken seriously. It will be your biggest investment into the program.

As for the price, it’s a no-brainer.

In the past, I’ve charged $5,000 per month for personal mentoring. I’ve charged $1,000 for one-off hour-long coaching sessions. And I’ve sold the courses you receive access to in the program for $100 each.

So the breakdown of value for your 12-month commitment looks something like this:


NOTE: Since you’ve already been on a personal coaching call with me, I’ve credited the full coaching call amount to your membership.

So instead of $2,394 – your investment is just $1,999.

Before you join the program, there are some important things you should know…

Preneur Platinum is
NOT for you if…

This program is NOT for you:

  • If I’ve misjudged you as being high-calibre, and you’re really a newbie in disguise…
  • If you’re easily distracted, can’t commit to your own success, or get unfocused…
  • If you’re unable to knuckle-down and work…
  • If you’re unwilling to be held accountable…
  • If you’re a stubborn know-it-all who is incapable of personal growth…
  • If you’re an insufferable asshole who likes to make life difficult for people…
  • If you’re an unethical, immoral shark who screws others in business…

If you fit any one of these points, then I’m sorry – this coaching program is not for you. Frankly, I just don’t want to work with anyone who falls into one of those groups.

This is for you

This program IS for you:

  • If you are a high-performer – a business owner who knows how to knuckle-down and get results…
  • If you feel like you’re hitting a ceiling in your business, and are struggling to break through…
  • If you’re determined to make the next 12 months your best in business so far…
  • If you act with integrity in business…
  • If you’re prepared to work hard…
  • If you are able to grow, sometimes in difficult ways…
  • If you can focus and commit to your own success…
  • If you want to connect with like-minded business owners who are also on a mission for growth…
  • If you want a coach with a practical understanding of business, who continues to run real-world businesses – not someone whose only business is coaching, and who only understands the theory…

If you fit this mold, then click below
to join this exclusive club.

Invitations into a group like this don’t come around often – and are not extended to everyone.

To accept this invitation now with both hands, click the button below.